Our Approach

We believe each and every person has the right to a quality, affordable home.

Home is the place we set down roots, plan for the future and mark our setbacks and our successes. It is the foundation we need to flourish. Community Roots Housing is driven by this knowledge and dedicated to providing people from all walks of life safe, quality, affordable places to call home.

We build vibrant community with people, for people!

This requires listening with humility and operating with transparency to support a community in meeting their needs. The result is socially just, culturally rich, and environmentally sustainable communities where people feel engaged and at home.

We are committed to advancing equity.

We work to transform ourselves and create communities and a workplace where all feel welcome. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive culture that manifests in equitable access to affordable housing and to job opportunities, and in equitable partnerships throughout the community.

We engage in deep-rooted partnerships to foster healthy, sustainable communities.

We collaborate on the priorities of the communities we serve – from increasing cultural assets to fighting displacement. We partner with people and organizations rooted in place and build on existing assets. We also position our organization’s assets so that local communities can use them to meet their own priorities and build their own assets. The key is working side by side in honest relationships that build trust over the long term.

This is not a standard real estate development company that just cranks out houses and moves on. They’re committed to not only their residents, but also to the community-led organizations they work with.

Steven Knipp
Former Executive Director of GenPride

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