Rental assistance 2022

On Thursday, December 1, 2022 Community Roots Housing opened rental assistance applications for residents who experienced unexpected financial hardship due to COVID-19. We are currently processing applications and anticipate that the volume of applications received to date will make use of the rental assistance funds we have at our disposal.

Apply for rental assistance now

Processing applications may take some time, but we will update households on the status of their application as soon as possible.


Please note that funds can only be applied to your past due balance. Funds cannot apply to future rent balances or balances due on or after December 1. Funds are limited. Not all eligible applicants will receive assistance. Completion of the application does not guarantee assistance will be provided.


If you participate in a subsidy program that pays all or a portion of your rent, you may be eligible for an income-based rent adjustment. If you live in a HUD-building or HUD-unit, you should contact your Site Manager and complete the Interim Recertification process. If you received another form of subsidy, such as a SHA voucher, you should contact your subsidy provider to see if you are eligible for a rent adjustment.

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