Kiley Dhatt

Community Roots Housing Foundation Executive Director

Kiley Dhatt manages the Community Roots Housing Foundation’s annual fundraising program as well as the $25 million collaborative capital campaign called Rise Together. Kiley works closely with staff and partners to develop and execute effective fundraising strategies to support Community Roots Housing programs, community-centered real estate developments, and general operations. In her role, she also helps to oversee the administrative and events work of the Community Roots Housing Foundation. She loves knowing that her work helps to make Seattle a more inclusive, diverse, and interesting place to live. Prior to joining Community Roots Housing in 2015, Kiley came from a background in writing and education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Washington and a master’s degree in English Composition and Rhetoric from the University of Delaware. In her spare time, Kiley can be found cooking adventurously, playing with her two mischievous cats, and enjoying any remotely decent weather with her husband on the back deck of their little home in the Mt. Baker neighborhood

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