Michelle Morlan


Principal, Lotus Development Partners LLC

Michelle has been actively engaged in the direct development affordable housing and community facility projects for over 30 years. As Principal of Lotus Development Partners LLC, a mission-driven development consulting firm, Michelle oversees the work of Lotus team members and provides project management, finance strategy and development services for nonprofit housing owners, primary and behavioral health providers and for-profit developers interested in affordable housing inclusion. Michelle was previously the western states underwriter for a national intermediary’s New Markets Tax Credit program. In that capacity she facilitated investment in a variety of community and economic development projects. Since 1998, Michelle has managed development of more than 1,300 housing units including shelter beds, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing serving homeless individuals and adults with special needs. She has also developed several community and social service facilities including three multi-service centers, two federally qualified health centers, integrated primary care and behavioral health clinics and several facilities serving low income youth. Michelle holds Masters degrees in Social Work and Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. She is a past-Chair of the University of Washington Design and Urban Planning Professionals Council and serves on the Board of the Seattle-King County Housing Development Consortium.

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