Thea Munchel

Vice President of Real Estate Development and Tax Credit Housing

Thea comes to Community Roots from Cincinnati, Ohio by way of Portland, Oregon. In Cincinnati, Thea was the director of real estate and economic development for the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, a community-led Community Development Corporation nonprofit. In this role, she worked closely with community members to redevelop the neighborhood business district to provide a diversity of housing options along with a ground floor retail program that offered commercial space to serve and reflect the diversity in age, race, and incomes found throughout the community. In Portland, she worked with Prosper Portland, the city’s urban renewal agency, to provide Tax Increment Finance resources into community supported real estate projects in the far east neighborhoods of Portland.

Thea is passionate about the relationship between community and development and seeks ways to center racial equity outcomes to improve the vibrancy and resilience of communities.

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