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Community Roots plans for a Resident Advisory Council

Do you want your voice to be heard? Are you interested in bettering CRH communities? You’re invited to an opportunity to build fellowship in community, hear about what a resident council is, and start the process of creating our very own.

In December we will host a virtual informational session to talk more about why Community Roots is considering putting a resident council together, what purpose it would serve, and how we should proceed. We want your input! Join us at the meeting to ask questions, give input about what a CRH resident council can look like, and consider being part of a planning committee! Stay tuned for more details.

Why have a resident council or committee?

  • Equity and representation.
  • Provide voice to residents.
  • Engage residents in decision-making.
  • Get resident feedback/input on housing/organizational issues.
  • Keep all tenants informed of council activities.
  • Increase resident understanding of how the agency works (regs, scope, etc.).
  • Relationship building among residents and between residents and agency.
  • Increase resonance with neighborhood via community engagement.
  • Be a catalyst for creating a place of stabilization.
  • Give a voice to / influence regional/state/national policy on housing issues.
  • Develop skill and capacity of tenants and residents to facilitate and engage in decision making.
  • Provide advice and information regarding housing, regeneration, and planning policy.

Items to plan:

  • Establish when, where, and how often to meet.
  • Establish how membership is determined and how long members serve.
  • Determine the relationship of council with the property manager/agency.
  • Clarify boundaries of the council, of the agency, and what they can and cannot do.
  • Set the culture of the council: need to know that “my voice matters,” need facilitation trained in equity and inclusive meeting practices, to manage dominant/non dominant speakers, to stop non-inclusive practices or statements.
  • Come up with mission, goals, key actions.
  • Clarify how decisions will be made (consensus, vote, etc.)
  • Establish how to be contacted by the residents – best to set up a common email account.
  • Establish how the council will communicate and how often with residents, communicate important points after each meeting at a minimum.
  • Operate by consensus, evidence based.

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