Winter storm notice to residents

Community Roots residents: there is currently a winter storm watch in effect this week. Please see this notice for operations information, tips to follow during a winter storm, and tips for during a power outage. Please stay safe with the possible inclement weather! Thank you for your time and consideration.   Tues 2/17/21 Update: As

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COVID-19 Resources for Residents

COVID-19 Rental Assistance  The Resilience Fund will continue to provide rental assistance to Community Roots Housing residents in 2021!  All households are eligible to apply for rental assistance. Thanks to the COVID-19 Resilience Fund, we have money available to pay a portion of your rent. Simply fill out this application, attach your loss of employment verification,

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Mental Health During COVID-19

Muguette Guenneguez is the executive director of NAMI Seattle, an affiliate of National Alliance on Mental Illness. Muguette sat down with us to talk about mental health in the time of COVID-19 and her collaboration with the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict. “There are no words to describe how impacted our communities have been by this crisis,

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