Resident Services

Resident Services

Resident Services is a department within Community Roots Housing that works alongside residents to support housing security and community building. We believe that when people have access to the services and support they need to thrive, it creates cascading impacts of housing stability, resiliency, and community connectedness.

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Connecting You to Community Resources

We are invested in your success at Community Roots Housing. Resident Services Coordinators (RSCs) are available to help connect you and your household to community resources and services.

Here are some of the resources Resident Services can help connect you to:

  • Economic and Housing Stability
    • Rental assistance, financial coaching, and workshops to support budgeting and saving
    • Job training programs, resume writing workshops, and job fairs
    • Low-cost internet providers and utility discount programs
  • Youth and Families
    • After-school enrichment programs
    • Family Night events
    • Back to School Week events

These are just some examples of how Resident Services can support your household. Reach out to your Resident Services Coordinator to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.


What happens when you meet with a Resident Services Coordinator?

  1. Your Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) will ask you questions about the resources you’re interested in, and you will fill out a form that helps us connect you to the best resources that meet your needs.
  2. Your RSC will then match you to resources that fit your specific needs. RSCs will provide you with contact information as well as support in how to navigate these resources or programs.
  3. Depending on your preferences, your RSC can check in with you regularly and can make follow-up referrals as needed until your resource need has been addressed.


Community Building

Resident Services believes in building community and connectedness amongst neighbors at Community Roots Housing. We coordinate several events and workshops throughout the year to provide opportunities for learning and just getting together. Some of our events include:

  • Back to School Week – an annual celebration for youth and families to get excited to get back in the classroom! It’s an evening filled with school supply giveaways, pizza, ice cream, free books from Seattle Public Library, and an appearance from Blitz the Seahawks Mascot!
  • Money Mechanics – a four-week workshop held quarterly that focuses on budgeting, saving, resume strengthening, and credit repair! Participants are provided with a stipend, free food, and transportation reimbursement. Match-savings benefits are also offered when available.
  • Coffee Hours – at our HUD buildings, residents can grab a cup of coffee and meet their RSC and neighbors on a regular basis.
  • Community Meals – at our HUD buildings, residents can get together for dinner on a regular basis.

Are you interested in building community at your property? Contact Resident Services!


When should I reach out to my Resident Services Coordinator versus my site manager?

Contact your Resident Services Coordinator to:

  • Schedule a service referral appointment to get connected to community resources and services
  • Get free tickets to one of our recreational partners
  • Get information about upcoming events and workshops

Contact your site manager to:

  • Pay rent or set up a payment plan
  • Ask questions about your annual re-certifications or interim re-certifications
  • Submit an incident report or complaint
  • Ask questions about your unit, building, or property maintenance


Community Partnerships

We partner with a variety of community organizations and agencies to offer expansive opportunities to Community Roots Housing residents. Contact Resident Services to get connected to these resources or to see what free tickets we have available.

Byrd Barr Place
Kelly Ross Senior Drug Education Program
King County Metro Bus Ticket Program
Providence ElderPlace
St. Vincent de Paul
YWCA Economic Resilience Initiative

Path with Art
Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Storm
Woodland Park Zoo


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